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Carved Capiz

Philippine Capiz shells are so versatile!  Mother-of-Pearl jewelry, lamp shades, chandeliers, candleholders, you name it!  Lately, designers have been cleaning and processing these shells and forming them into tiles and wall coverings.  I’m in love with these tiles.  They’re perfect for small areas, and since they’re so pretty and delicate, they look beautiful in dry areas of spas.  They could also be used as accent pieces in a hotel lobby, bar, or restaurant. Capiz shells are harvested from the shallow waters around the Philippines.  After the shells are harvested, they are cleaned and polished.  The beautiful interior is then formed into great tile works.


When the light hits these tiles, they reflect gorgeous colors, depending on the viewing angle and the location of the light.  I had an idea to take these tiles and cover random columns in an all white room.  The tiles give break up the stark whiteness with little splashes of luminous color, but at the same time, they don’t scream “Contrast!” at you when you walk in.  The tiles come in a variety of colors, from brightest white to black, and though they are not meant for wet areas or direct sunlight, they can be used to cover nearly anything else.


In addition to tiles, Capiz can come in a paper thin veneer, and mounted on either two- or three- dimensional PVC substrate.  The veneer can cover walls and furniture, and give the look of solid Mother of Pearl.  The PVC substrate boards are light weight and can resist insects and mold.  PVC and veneers come in sheets of 4’x8’.


Need a luxe and glamorous look with subtle shimmer?  Carved Capiz panels from GlobalTrends are your answer.  Capiz shells are harvested, cleaned, and cut to enhance the delicate colors of mother of pearl.  The shells can be made into a paper-thin veneer that can cover any surface, or they can be mounted to a PVC substrate board to make gorgeous wall art, or even large wall coverings.  Capiz wrapped PVC substrate can resist insects and mold, making it an ideal choice for any home or business.  Capiz panels and veneers come in a standard size of 4’x8’, but can be customized for your project.

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Posted by on December 8, 2010 in Design, Global Trends, Tile