Metal and Coil Drapery

Global Trends Coil Drapery is available in a wide variety of finishes, from aluminum alloy to stainless steel.


Global Trends Coil Drapery is easily mountable, using a hidden track system, I-beams, or S-hooks depending on the installation location.  The multiple installation options give the customer freedom to design their space to their wishes.  Mounting hardware can be curved to create gentle arcs or waves, enhancing the visual impact of the project.


Durable and easy to clean, Global Trends Coil Drapery can be used in a variety of applications, both indoor and outdoor.  Indoor, Coil Drapery doesn’t require harsh cleaners or solvents, only needing to be dusted or wiped with a cloth.  The coils also do not impede air flow, thus eliminating strain on large HVAC systems.  Outdoor, the metal drapery is solar shading, needs no paint, and can be washed with water if it becomes dirty.  Global Trends Coil Drapery is manufactured with almost no waste out of up to 90% recycled materials.  At the end of its life, Global Trends Coil Drapery is fully recyclable.





Privacy:  For small or open spaces where adding walls would take up too much square footage, consider Coil Drapery.  When privacy or smaller spaces are needed, simply extend the Coil Drapery to form a temporary wall.  When privacy is not needed, Global Trends Coil Drapery takes up very little space against the wall.



Window Treatment:  Hang Coil Drapery in place of curtains or blinds.  The coils will diffuse light and shade the sun without blocking all light the way heavy curtains or blinds will.


Restaurant/Club/Casino:  Use Global Trends Coil Drapery to add visual impact and an urban vibe to any space.  The coils can separate bars from dining areas, private party areas from larger spaces, and designate high roller areas without adding solid walls and detracting from the visual appeal.


Spa:  Use Global Trends Coil Drapery to separate reception from treatment or retail areas.  Sculpt water features to create white noise and increase relaxation.


Retail:  Let Global Trends Coil Drapery provide a funky, contemporary backdrop to display everything from clothing to accessories.  Backlight the coils and hang behind the check out counter for a dynamic focal point.

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Hardware at GlobalTrends

Beautiful walls require beautiful hardware. GlobalTrends carries a full complement of both indoor and outdoor hardware to mount our products.

Our resin panels can be mounted in a variety of ways. We carry several sizes of standoff mounts, which allow the panels to be mounted away from the wall, in varying distances. The back of the standoff mount screws into the wall, and the head is mounted through a hole drilled in the panel. The result is a clean look that shows no screw or nail heads!

If you plan to use your resin panels for shower enclosures or doors, GlobalTrends has you covered there too. Flat, bendable hinges and corner mounts ensure the panels will be secure, and rubber pads inside the mount protect the panel from scratching or rattling.

Outdoor mounting hardware needs to be heavy and finished to withstand the elements. At the same time, the hardware should be simple enough so as not to detract from the panel or project. GlobalTrends carries simple shiny chrome or brushed aluminum mounts that can bolted into a wall, and provide enough strength and coverage to keep your panels secure outdoors. Please visit us at to see our full line of hardware products.

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Lighting Solutions

Ever since Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity, we’ve been harnessing it to warm our homes and see in the dark.  As technology evolved, lighting has evolved with it.  Today, we’re lucky to have so many choices in lighting, including traditional incandescent bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, and LEDs.

Global Trends is proud to be a distributor for Oggetti Lighting.  Gorgeous hanging fixtures that are hand painted to give off a warm glow in any atmosphere.  These lights are perfect in restaurants, lobbies, dining areas, anywhere lighting is necessary.

New to the lighting scene is the LED.  An LED gives off pure light in a rainbow of colors.  LEDs are energy efficient, bright, and run cooler than traditional bulbs.  Another great thing about LEDs is that they work individually.  If one light on the strand goes out, the rest of them continue to work!

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Peel and Stick Tiles

The ease of tile is unmistakable.  If you’ve ever tried to install tile yourself, you know how time consuming it is!  The cutting, arranging, grouting; talk about a bore.  For those of us who need instant gratification, the only way to go is to use Peel and Stick tiles.


The Peel and Sticks are so easy!  They’re already patterned for you in 12”x12” sheets.  Just peel off the backing and place as you like.  They’ll adhere to any hard surface, so try them on doors, desks, walls, or even sinks!


They don’t require grout, so there’s no worry about cracking, crumbling, and maintenance associated with traditional tiles.

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Carved Capiz

Philippine Capiz shells are so versatile!  Mother-of-Pearl jewelry, lamp shades, chandeliers, candleholders, you name it!  Lately, designers have been cleaning and processing these shells and forming them into tiles and wall coverings.  I’m in love with these tiles.  They’re perfect for small areas, and since they’re so pretty and delicate, they look beautiful in dry areas of spas.  They could also be used as accent pieces in a hotel lobby, bar, or restaurant. Capiz shells are harvested from the shallow waters around the Philippines.  After the shells are harvested, they are cleaned and polished.  The beautiful interior is then formed into great tile works.


When the light hits these tiles, they reflect gorgeous colors, depending on the viewing angle and the location of the light.  I had an idea to take these tiles and cover random columns in an all white room.  The tiles give break up the stark whiteness with little splashes of luminous color, but at the same time, they don’t scream “Contrast!” at you when you walk in.  The tiles come in a variety of colors, from brightest white to black, and though they are not meant for wet areas or direct sunlight, they can be used to cover nearly anything else.


In addition to tiles, Capiz can come in a paper thin veneer, and mounted on either two- or three- dimensional PVC substrate.  The veneer can cover walls and furniture, and give the look of solid Mother of Pearl.  The PVC substrate boards are light weight and can resist insects and mold.  PVC and veneers come in sheets of 4’x8’.


Need a luxe and glamorous look with subtle shimmer?  Carved Capiz panels from GlobalTrends are your answer.  Capiz shells are harvested, cleaned, and cut to enhance the delicate colors of mother of pearl.  The shells can be made into a paper-thin veneer that can cover any surface, or they can be mounted to a PVC substrate board to make gorgeous wall art, or even large wall coverings.  Capiz wrapped PVC substrate can resist insects and mold, making it an ideal choice for any home or business.  Capiz panels and veneers come in a standard size of 4’x8’, but can be customized for your project.

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Philippine Wood Briquettes

For some people, nothing but Oak will do.  On one hand, I completely understand, because Oak is widely available, and it has beautiful natural color and grain.  Durable and sensible, Oak will last forever.  Sometimes, though, Oak is just Boring!


To get a rustic look without the heaviness of oak, and more durability than pine, check out these wood briquettes from the Philippines.  The individual pieces of wood are hand selected from Philippine forests by local artists, treated for insects and sealed, then bonded together.  The result is panels of wood that have amazing texture and depth.  A 4’x8’ panel takes about 6 months to piece together, and is suitable for use indoors or outdoors.


The panels are available in three styles:  Solid wood panels, small gap panels, and large gap panels

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BioResin Panels

Every once in a while, a space just needs “something more.”  A space that’s too large may need a simple way to break it up, or a small space may need some visual interest.

Breaking up a space can be tricky.  Solid walls are just too permanent, and mostly unnecessary.  Traditional modular walls are boring and heavy, but really, what are your options?

Global Trends has come out with a great compromise.  We have recycled resin panels that have all kinds of items embedded.  They have everything from grasses and reeds to metal chips.  We can encase digitally printed images in resin for art that lasts forever.  You can even choose your resin color.

The panels come in a standard size of 4’x8’, but they’re customizable.  We just need a CAD drawing!  Lead times are reasonable too, about 2-6 weeks.

If you don’t need a whole wall, the panels make great furniture.  I’ve seen them as tables, chairs, benches, desks, or countertops.  They’re easy to clean, and very difficult to break!  They are heat bendable, and bending won’t cause them to crack, splinter, or haze.  Using them is almost a no-brainer.

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