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Having moved to a new apartment in desperate need of decoration, I decided to do the major part of the decoration myself so that my home would actually match my taste! Starting with the bedroom, I already had a bed but no headboard and I wanted something RUSTIC yet modern. For this purpose to be achieved, I had to look for some fashionable and frugal WALL TILE. Being concerned about going green, what I googled was ECHO FRIENDLY WALL TILE, and there I got to learn about RECLAIMED WOOD WALL TILE.To my amazement, not only is this kind of wall tile made of RECYCLED WOOD, but also there is a mystic story behind each tile that is made of old BARN WOOD or HARD WOOD.


Another astonishing factor was rough, uneven, unique look that would simply make any wall look artistic! Being a single woman, to me it was really important for the installation to be easy enough to be done without the help of a professional. You cannot imagine how happy I was to find out that there were different kinds of RECLAIMED TILES that can be installed really easily. As the instruction said,  for a MASH BACK kind, I just had to apply a layer of MASTIC GLUE and press each tile on the wall and hold it for a couple of minutes.

The last but not least important factor for me was the size and shape of the tiles. Like I said, I only wanted headboard area to be covered, and I did not want the tiles to be too big so I would have to cut them, nor too small so the installation would be difficult. I finally found out about GLOBAL TRENDS that specially CUSTOMIZED the tiles as ordered. I ordered the kind of tiles I needed after measuring the area that was to be covered                                                          .Bark_wood Maize_tile

It was such an easy job and I feel so proud of myself having done that! everybody compliments my new wall decoration! I just love my new DO IT MYSELF HEAD BOARD! thank you GLOBAL TRENDS!

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Customer testemonial :

I really enjoy using resin panels in my kitchen cabinets door instead of glass. They brought warmth and nature to the living space where I spent most of my time as a house wife. I worked with Global Trends a company located in Kansas. They are able to create lighting, furniture, and or even kitchen counter tops using resin panels. Use them framed in the deeper natural wood or drop them from the ceiling with Global Trends customized hardware with back lighting. The natural elements themselves are so warm and inviting, I feel the nature next to me when I have no time for nature. Resin panels are all made by hand and are imported, so it takes a little longer and is a bit more involved, but Global Trends has most of the resin panels instock or can order it with lead time of one week for less than 4 sheets and a little bit more for bigger orders.  I can’t stop feeling and looking at them “gorgeous!”

You can have any natural elements imbedded into resin panels for use as kitchen or bathroom cabinet inserts. Can you imagine bringing nature to your living space from African paddock to sea shells, interlayered in resin panels? You can use translucent resin panels for room dividers, stairway guard rails or around the swimming pool , cabinet inserts and tons of other purposes.

Add your own favorite image or digital picture to resin glass and create a  personalized memory. Bring to your living space a contemporary design using simple natural elements.

 Farah ‘s input :

Designers and architects are inspired to create beyond the imagination using resin panels . The nature-inspired resin panels help customers create their own sense of designs without too much explaining. Create unique partitions, doors, wall features, ceiling features and more using these wall panels.

Explore the possibility

Create your own design

Tell us about your design project and we’ll assist you with any technical or design questions you may have. Contact our rep for more information, or call 1-316-361-0803 . 

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Philippine Wood Briquettes

For some people, nothing but Oak will do.  On one hand, I completely understand, because Oak is widely available, and it has beautiful natural color and grain.  Durable and sensible, Oak will last forever.  Sometimes, though, Oak is just Boring!


To get a rustic look without the heaviness of oak, and more durability than pine, check out these wood briquettes from the Philippines.  The individual pieces of wood are hand selected from Philippine forests by local artists, treated for insects and sealed, then bonded together.  The result is panels of wood that have amazing texture and depth.  A 4’x8’ panel takes about 6 months to piece together, and is suitable for use indoors or outdoors.


The panels are available in three styles:  Solid wood panels, small gap panels, and large gap panels

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