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Hardware at GlobalTrends

Beautiful walls require beautiful hardware. GlobalTrends carries a full complement of both indoor and outdoor hardware to mount our products.

Our resin panels can be mounted in a variety of ways. We carry several sizes of standoff mounts, which allow the panels to be mounted away from the wall, in varying distances. The back of the standoff mount screws into the wall, and the head is mounted through a hole drilled in the panel. The result is a clean look that shows no screw or nail heads!

If you plan to use your resin panels for shower enclosures or doors, GlobalTrends has you covered there too. Flat, bendable hinges and corner mounts ensure the panels will be secure, and rubber pads inside the mount protect the panel from scratching or rattling.

Outdoor mounting hardware needs to be heavy and finished to withstand the elements. At the same time, the hardware should be simple enough so as not to detract from the panel or project. GlobalTrends carries simple shiny chrome or brushed aluminum mounts that can bolted into a wall, and provide enough strength and coverage to keep your panels secure outdoors. Please visit us at to see our full line of hardware products.

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BioResin Panels

Every once in a while, a space just needs “something more.”  A space that’s too large may need a simple way to break it up, or a small space may need some visual interest.

Breaking up a space can be tricky.  Solid walls are just too permanent, and mostly unnecessary.  Traditional modular walls are boring and heavy, but really, what are your options?

Global Trends has come out with a great compromise.  We have recycled resin panels that have all kinds of items embedded.  They have everything from grasses and reeds to metal chips.  We can encase digitally printed images in resin for art that lasts forever.  You can even choose your resin color.

The panels come in a standard size of 4’x8’, but they’re customizable.  We just need a CAD drawing!  Lead times are reasonable too, about 2-6 weeks.

If you don’t need a whole wall, the panels make great furniture.  I’ve seen them as tables, chairs, benches, desks, or countertops.  They’re easy to clean, and very difficult to break!  They are heat bendable, and bending won’t cause them to crack, splinter, or haze.  Using them is almost a no-brainer.

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