26 Jan

Having moved to a new apartment in desperate need of decoration, I decided to do the major part of the decoration myself so that my home would actually match my taste! Starting with the bedroom, I already had a bed but no headboard and I wanted something RUSTIC yet modern. For this purpose to be achieved, I had to look for some fashionable and frugal WALL TILE. Being concerned about going green, what I googled was ECHO FRIENDLY WALL TILE, and there I got to learn about RECLAIMED WOOD WALL TILE.To my amazement, not only is this kind of wall tile made of RECYCLED WOOD, but also there is a mystic story behind each tile that is made of old BARN WOOD or HARD WOOD.


Another astonishing factor was rough, uneven, unique look that would simply make any wall look artistic! Being a single woman, to me it was really important for the installation to be easy enough to be done without the help of a professional. You cannot imagine how happy I was to find out that there were different kinds of RECLAIMED TILES that can be installed really easily. As the instruction said,  for a MASH BACK kind, I just had to apply a layer of MASTIC GLUE and press each tile on the wall and hold it for a couple of minutes.

The last but not least important factor for me was the size and shape of the tiles. Like I said, I only wanted headboard area to be covered, and I did not want the tiles to be too big so I would have to cut them, nor too small so the installation would be difficult. I finally found out about GLOBAL TRENDS that specially CUSTOMIZED the tiles as ordered. I ordered the kind of tiles I needed after measuring the area that was to be covered                                                          .Bark_wood Maize_tile

It was such an easy job and I feel so proud of myself having done that! everybody compliments my new wall decoration! I just love my new DO IT MYSELF HEAD BOARD! thank you GLOBAL TRENDS!

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