Metal and Coil Drapery

15 Dec

Global Trends Coil Drapery is available in a wide variety of finishes, from aluminum alloy to stainless steel.


Global Trends Coil Drapery is easily mountable, using a hidden track system, I-beams, or S-hooks depending on the installation location.  The multiple installation options give the customer freedom to design their space to their wishes.  Mounting hardware can be curved to create gentle arcs or waves, enhancing the visual impact of the project.


Durable and easy to clean, Global Trends Coil Drapery can be used in a variety of applications, both indoor and outdoor.  Indoor, Coil Drapery doesn’t require harsh cleaners or solvents, only needing to be dusted or wiped with a cloth.  The coils also do not impede air flow, thus eliminating strain on large HVAC systems.  Outdoor, the metal drapery is solar shading, needs no paint, and can be washed with water if it becomes dirty.  Global Trends Coil Drapery is manufactured with almost no waste out of up to 90% recycled materials.  At the end of its life, Global Trends Coil Drapery is fully recyclable.





Privacy:  For small or open spaces where adding walls would take up too much square footage, consider Coil Drapery.  When privacy or smaller spaces are needed, simply extend the Coil Drapery to form a temporary wall.  When privacy is not needed, Global Trends Coil Drapery takes up very little space against the wall.



Window Treatment:  Hang Coil Drapery in place of curtains or blinds.  The coils will diffuse light and shade the sun without blocking all light the way heavy curtains or blinds will.


Restaurant/Club/Casino:  Use Global Trends Coil Drapery to add visual impact and an urban vibe to any space.  The coils can separate bars from dining areas, private party areas from larger spaces, and designate high roller areas without adding solid walls and detracting from the visual appeal.


Spa:  Use Global Trends Coil Drapery to separate reception from treatment or retail areas.  Sculpt water features to create white noise and increase relaxation.


Retail:  Let Global Trends Coil Drapery provide a funky, contemporary backdrop to display everything from clothing to accessories.  Backlight the coils and hang behind the check out counter for a dynamic focal point.

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